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Eyewitness News at 5:00 (New)
Extra (HD, New, TV-PG) John Travolta chats with Renee; Hannah Brown of "The Bachelorette."
Eyewitness News at 6:00 (New)
CBS Evening News with Norah O'Donnell (HD, New) Anchor Norah O'Donnell and the CBS News team join forces to report on the most important news stories of the day from across the entire planet.
Eyewitness News at 7:00 (New)
Entertainment Tonight (HD, New, TV-PG) The cast of the series "Dancing with the Stars"; the team reveals a surprise project from musician Celine Dion; actor KJ Apa and musician Shania Twain.

Forensic Files Silk Stalkings (HD, TV-14) News of the brutal murder of a flight attendant prompts a phone call from the son of a woman who was killed five years previous under similar circumstances.
Forensic Files Fishing for the Truth (HD, TV-14) A small fishing community is sent reeling after a shrimp boat captain perishes in a gale, and by a subsequent ruling that the death was not an accidental one.
Forensic Files For Love or Money (HD, TV-14) Skull of a real estate tycoon found with bullet holes and police investigate the fact that he made allowances in his will if he died under violent conditions.
Forensic Files The Stake-Out (HD, TV-14) Authorities investigating the kidnapping of a prominent banker's wife discover unexpected evidence among everyday office equipment.
Forensic Files Trial by Fire (HD, TV-14) The survivor of a house fire blames a kerosene heater for the fire but evidence tells a different story, prompting an arson and murder investigation.
Forensic Files Marked for Life (HD, TV-14) In 1957 CA cops were on high alert searching for a man who had gone on a crime rampage, and 50 years later dogged detectives still worked the case.

The Zoo (New, TV-PG) Talk show que presenta invitados famosos, juegos, trivia y segmentos que cubren todo, desde política a cultura pop, y las últimas tendencias virales del web.
Videos2go (New, TV-PG) La música que todo el mundo escucha, desde rock a hip hop, incluso alternativo y regional; cualquiera que está de moda, la escuchas.
Rokamole! (New, TV-PG) Desde Café Tacuba a Girl en coma, este espacio te trae lo mejor y más actual de la música rock de los Estados Unidos y de Latinoamérica.
Get It Girl! (Repeat, TV-PG) Entrevistas que engloba el fortalecimiento femenino y las ideas progresistas a través de discusiones sinceras sobre temas de moda, experiencias personales.
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